Tips for how to create your race day style

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A hat is undeniably an attractive part of women’s accessories, it can let your personality shine through and can give a twist to your race day look or it can also be used to accentuate your occasion wear. 
For the Race Day Ladies , hats tend to be bigger and braver to stand out in a crowd , a stylish yet eye catching hat will attract the eye of the photographer and hopefully the judges ! It needs to be comfortable and easy to wear as ladies day is a long day , and if you are comfortable you will wear it with confidence and grace . Consideration needs to given to style that best suits your outfit , different shapes suit different outfits looking at angles and colours , neither should overwhelm the other.  Your hat should compliment your outfit rather then compete with it. You also need to consider a hat shape that suits your head and size , different shape hats suit different shaped heads and faces. You should wear a hat not it wear you! 

This piece at Cheltenham catching the eye of a photographer 

image source: @cheltenhamraces on Instagram

This piece catching the attention of Hello Canada the ever stylish Faith Almond. 

BBC News

BBC News

Some Ladies Day winners standing out in a crowd Best Dressed Tasha O Connor at Killarney Races 

Best Dressed Sharon from at Limerick Races 

Veronica Walsh Best Dressed Lady at Navan Races Photographs John Coveney. 

Fiona Mcsweeney Best Dressed at Killarney Races 

Tasha o Connor Best Dressed Mallow races 

Jazziest Hat at Listowel races Tasha o Connor 

jazziest hat at Listowel Races Charlene Brosnan